Strength Training

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Today when I was perusing the internet I saw this image:


So true.

I know cardio is important (believe me I surprise myself with how far I can run now) but so is strength training. One thing I noticed since going back to working out with Sandra is how much stronger I am. My muscles are firm.

I never really thought about this until I was on vacation with my family recently and they would like to poke fun at me and make my arms jiggle. When my arms did not jiggle as much, they stopped and were impressed. They were able to see the progress and how my body is changing. Slowly, but surely, it is changing. I don’t see this since I see my body everyday. It took an incident like this to show me that yes I am getting stronger. Yes I am taking the right steps to getting fit. YES – STAY MOTIVATED.

I knew when I first started working out again that it was not going to be easy. I was going to struggle, I will lose my motivation at times, but I knew I just could not give up. I always struggled with having big arms and broad shoulders (and non-twiggy legs)…thanks to years of gymnastics. In addition to gaining weight (lots of fat) I looked puffy. 🙁 One thing I CONSTANTLY have to remind myself – muscle weighs more than fat. Even though on the scale I am not losing pounds, I see the change in my body fat percentage and muscle mass percentage. Fat is FINALLY going down and muscle is SLOWLY starting to increase. Just as my marbles show! (I have 21 in the jar now!)

It seems the insane combo of the cardio and strength training…it works. LOL! Now I need to work on my love of food…

Help support me in the Fight For Air Climb!

Fight for Air!

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On October 29, 2003 I lost my Bachan (Grandma) to lung cancer. She fought a long battle beating it into remission the first time but, when it came back the second time the cancer had also began to spread to her bones. It was painful to watch someone you love so much go through such pain. I still miss her everyday.

In her honor I am going to do the Fight for Air Climb on April 6, 2013 here in Sacramento. You climb the tallest building in the city…34 flights of stairs! I never knew of this event until I started working out with Sandra again. Immediately I knew I wanted to participate and signed up and joined the Fitness Rehab Team!

Sandra also started a training program to help us all get ready for the climb. And for once…I am excited about training. I am looking forward to this event (which is even hard for me to believe) regardless of all the stairs because this is a cause that I am passionate about.

In addition, I come from a family of smokers. People are always amazed that I never picked up the habit since my Mom, Dad, and Brother smoke. Along with my aunts, cousins, and Jichan (Grandpa). I hope in participating in this event that one day there will be a cure for lung cancer. And there will be research done to make quitting smoking easier. I know people always say there is a CHOICE to smoking, but I hope they find a way to make quitting easier. Especially after seeing my brother and my cousin try many different methods (gum, patch, hypnotherapy, cold turkey, e-cigs) all to go back to smoking again.

If you want to help please join the Fight for Air Climb or you can donate to help me reach my fundraising goal.

My Bachan:


Bachan and I on a trip:


Jichan and Bachan with the grandkids:


My abs hurt.

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Yesterday was an…interesting day at the gym. Because Sandra had sore abs she felt that we needed them also! LOL! My abs hurt. Not as much as they are probably going to hurt tomorrow, but they hurt. Really we had a quick WOD (workout of the day) and then did Turkish Get-Ups for our skill work for the day. What have I learned? Turkish people don’t know how to get up. It really should not be that hard. What else I learned…I can do it with a 36 pound kettleball and a 25 pound bar. And the bar was HARD! I never did them with the bar before so I was proud of myself. Here was our WOD:


Then I did yoga…that focus was on the butt…so not only do my abs hurt…but my butt hurts also. 🙁

My food for the day was good…so I am proud of myself for eating well:


Of course no one said it was going to be easy. All I can do is keep going…and hope that I can keep moving marbles!

even if your going slow your lapping everyone on the couch

Kale Chips

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I love kale! I love it boiled, steamed, and juiced…and now I love it baked! It reminded me of nori (seaweed…like Japanese dishes use). It had the crunch and I sprinkled it with a little TOO much pepper and a dash of salt. It was a yummy snack! Even better…so easy to do! I found the recipe on Pinterest! (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Pinterest?)

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Baked Kale Chips
Low calorie snack that is delicious!
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Line a cooking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. With a knife or kitchen shears carefully remove the leaves from the thick stems and tear into bite sized pieces.
  4. Wash and thoroughly dry kale with a salad spinner.
  5. Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt.
  6. Bake until the edges brown but are not burnt, 10 - 15 minutes.
  7. Let cool and store in an airtight container.
Recipe Notes

I used my Misto to lightly coat the kale leaves. You don't always have to use seasoning salt, you can use garlic powder or pepper. Try whatever tastes great! I have used just garlic flavored olive oil and it was yummy!

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On another note…the Super Bowl threw off my prep schedule…not to worry…I decided to crock pot some chicken for the week. I MUST do more crock pot recipes…set it and forget it!

Even though I worked out on Saturday with some Heightened Yoga and Sunday with Spin…I still got a workout in today. I am proud of myself for going out there and working out today even though I was totally tired from a Monday at work. But let’s face it…after all that eating I did for the Super Bowl I NEEDED a good workout.

This week will be a short workout week for me since I will be going out of town to celebrate my Mom and Auntie’s birthdays! But…since I have been worried about being able to get a workout in I got a TRX suspension trainer…it is SO small! So easy to pack and I can do a workout by simply using a door! I am excited!


On another note…I am thinking I might try a run on the beach. After all I am going to be doing the Electric Run with my girlfriends on April 20th…I am sure that kind of run would get my heart rate going!

The Rower

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Whew! What a week! Proud to say…I made it to the gym 4 days so far and we had an awesome time with the rower! I say that because even though I am not as tall as the average rower (5’2″ I measured myself the other day) I have been able to improve my rowing abilities. More meters per stroke. I have to say…rowing is an art and an excellent workout…and I still need lots of practice!

On a fun note…me and some of my girlfriends started a team for the Electric Run! We are SO excited! I am excited because I have a group of friends that was willing to do a 5K with me! YAY! But for me that means more spin classes and running! (And maybe I can get some more time on the rower!) I must get my stamina up. I am happy to say that I can run a lot longer than I could 3 months ago. One step closer to being able to do another half marathon next year. 🙂

Today was also marble day…I now have 20 marbles in my jar! 80 to go! I just got to keep on going!

On a random note…I really enjoy this song! 😀