Rafting Adventure

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This weekend my boyfriend and I went rafting. And depending on your perspective it was either a rafting adventure or disaster!

We were going to do the 20 mile south fork stretch along the American River…mind you this is my first time rafting…and the first thing that happens…we go down rapids! It was really annoying because I was not able to grasp how much “umph” you needed while paddling! So we would go in circles and down rapids in every which way but straight! And then we get about 5 miles down and the raft pops! OH NO! And it popped in 2 spots! And they were not little holes…they were BIG, long rips! No patching that!



So we traveled about 5 miles in 1 hour on the raft…and it took 3 hours to WALK ┬áback up the river 5 miles to the car! It was an experience that is for sure! I even swam across the American River! Today the bruises from all the spills are finally showing up…but maybe next summer I would be willing to give rafting another shot.

When you hurt yourself…

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So I hurt my hand this week doing something…I am not sure how exactly but I am guessing I either fell (I am klutzy) or when I was moving the spin bike. The bottom line…I hurt my hand. Saw the doctor…it is not broken but it is just a nasty looking bruise. Doctor told me no physical activity for a week. Really? That seemed ridiculous since it was my hand. I don’t need my hands to run! But really it came down to not griping anything. (It hurts like a mother to squeeze my hand closed.) That means can’t do anything with a bar pretty much. No lifting. No trying to get a pull up. BUT I can lay my hand out flat and that feels awesome! So I have done a lot of yoga and pilates this week and I feel amazing.

Hurting myself has been a great rest. I still get an awesome workout and my body feels great.

This time has made me rethink my goals. What do I want to do by the end of the year. My physical goals:

  • Get a pull up
  • Get a handstand push up
  • Get a muscle up. (The muscle up is probably wishful thinking…but a girl can dream!)

I had a post earlier in the year with goals I wanted to achieve. I wanted to get a “L” sit, lose 20 pounds to run a half marathon, and just overall get healthy. With injuring my hand I was able to really evaluate my goals and what I may be able to achieve. I really think I can get a pull-up. They seem absolutely impossible right now, but I work hard at trying. I have a great headstand and great handstand…now I just need to be able to develop the muscles to string together a handstand push up! (I can do it, I can do it!) And of course there is the dreaded muscle up. I know it is something hard for a lot of people, this might not be achievable this year, but I am determined to work on it to get one. And overall…these goals are going to help me reach my goal of overall getting a healthier life style.

Now losing the “pounds” is not a good judge (I know lots of people told me this) so I recently got my body fat tested. I have 29% at the moment. My goal is to get to 25% by the end of the year. (More reasonable.)

Hopefully…I can achieve some of these goals…that would make me SO happy! I would be happy just being able to do a pull up! Here is to hoping that I can!

Acro Yoga!

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I have a new obsession…acro yoga! I LOVE IT! It is so fun! The problem I have is finding people to practice with! ::sigh::

What is acro yoga? A combo of yoga, acrobatics, and therapeutics. Now, I have only been able to take one specifically designed acro yoga class, but I got to try it out two other times before that. It is a different type of yoga practice and it was challenging. I loved that! You need to be able to trust the other people you are practicing with and you need to have trust in yourself that you can do it.

I soon discovered that it is VERY important to be both a base and a flyer. They both work together, a base needs to know what a flyer is going to experience and a flyer needs to know what a base is going to experience. It is definitely important to be BALANCED!

I am so excited about this new form of yoga that I am going to go on a yoga treat to Costa Rica! It will be a combination of balances, yoga, acro yoga, and thai massage! I am going to be going with another girl from the gym named Kimiko. November can not get here soon enough!

Here are some pictures:

Partner Yoga 1

Handstand Nation 2

Partner Yoga 2