New friends

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I read an interesting article today titled “10 Things New Women Weightlifters Should Know”. Since I have decided to put more time in the gym and get stronger I found a lot of the points in this article were right on the mark.

I have had some really good days in the gym – I feel strong, I feel fast (chuckle), and I just have a fun day. But of course with all those good days comes a bad day. Nothing seems to work right – you have no balance, you can’t get your timing right, you are just struggling to be able to make it to the end of the workout.

Your clothes don’t fit anymore. Yes. I think I am currently going through this, my clothes don’t fit anymore. Or I should say, they are fitting differently. My skinny jeans barely make it over my legs now. It makes me sad and excited all at the same time. And the only people that seem to understand that are my new friends at the gym. They know the struggle to fit in your clothes.

But no matter what kind of day I am having, I know I can count on these girls at the gym. And what makes Fitness Rehab a unique gym compared to any other that I have been to…it is 99% female. And we are friends. It may seem hard to believe, but a gym full of women that get along. It makes for a great environment.

These people I have met at the gym have become more than just my workout partners – we have become friends. I really saw it last week when it was my birthday. We went to dinner and ice cream (it was awesome and worth every calorie) and had a good time. A dinner I did not even have to plan! Someone went out of their way FOR ME to plan something nice. After consistently being the organizer of things for my group of friends outside of the gym it was just nice to have someone else do something thoughtful like that for me.

Our shabu dinner:


Delicious ice cream at Gunther’s:


Although this change in my lifestyle is new, it has truly been life changing. Not only with the friendships that I am making, but being able to see what I am able to do! It is exciting and surprising to see what I am capable of.

PS – I have not ever pee’d my pants like the article said. But I hear it happens – especially after you have kids!

Color Run Fun!

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Today I ran the color run with my friends Meri, her daughter Bobbie, and Charlie. My friend Nani was supposed to run with us but was no where to be found! 🙁

The Color Run is a 5k run where you run and you get colors tossed on you. Although I did not do a lot of running (Bobbie can’t run too long)…it was a good time and it was the “Happiest 5k on Earth”! This was a really fun race that I can’t wait to do again! I hope next year we will have a bigger team and are bit more prepared. It would be fun to do white tutus and white shirts with our team name on it or something. Seeing all the other teams out there gave me lots of ideas for next time. 🙂

Here is a before pic:


Here is an after pic:


We even ran into some of our favorite morning DJs, Gavin and Katie from the Wake Up Call!


Bobbie even had a lot of fun giving high 5’s to all the police officers out there and getting covered in color!

Here are some more pictures from the race:

100 seems to be the number…

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Yesterday our WOD was:

5 Rounds

20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Squats

The last time I did something that was going to involve 100 pull-ups I had my first rip (during Murphy). Well..100 seems to be the magic number because I had rip #2 yesterday!


And of course I am right handed and this is on my right hand RIGHT in the middle! But seeing as I survived the first rip I am sure I will be able to survive this second one.