Crossfit Opens

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So remember last year when I was SUPER excited to be doing the Crossfit Opens? Yes, I remember that girl and yet this year, I have ZERO motivation and did not register for the Opens.

I don’t know if it is because I am Crossfit’d out? Really just focusing on my yoga or don’t find fun in it any longer.

It is really hard to say. I enjoy Crossfit. I was getting in great shape! I made great friends, but yet, here the Opens are and I don’t want to do them. I am excited and motivated to do the Moxie competition this year with Kimiko, her husband Mark, and Mike, but really no drive for the Opens.

I think a lot of the change was due to the fact that, I want Crossfit to be fun. I want to enjoy it again. The Opens are all about comparing yourself to the rest of the world. I know I am not the best. I don’t need a score board to tell me that. I want to compete in a competition and have FUN and become a fitter me in the process.

Only time will tell. For now I am enjoying yoga and pilates.

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YogaFit Training

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So I took some yoga teacher training recently through YogaFit. And it was interesting. This was not what I would consider “traditional yoga” training. It was definitely geared to teaching yoga at in a gym environment.

I don’t know if I would call it a waste of my time, but I will say it was not what I was really expecting. I was hoping to learn something beyond 8 yoga poses for 18 hours of yoga.

The instructor was okay. I feel that there could have been more productive uses of time, since it was just reading out of the manual.

I will say it was an interesting experience, but if I continue in yoga teacher training I will probably go with a more traditional school.