Acro Yoga!

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I have a new obsession…acro yoga! I LOVE IT! It is so fun! The problem I have is finding people to practice with! ::sigh::

What is acro yoga? A combo of yoga, acrobatics, and therapeutics. Now, I have only been able to take one specifically designed acro yoga class, but I got to try it out two other times before that. It is a different type of yoga practice and it was challenging. I loved that! You need to be able to trust the other people you are practicing with and you need to have trust in yourself that you can do it.

I soon discovered that it is VERY important to be both a base and a flyer. They both work together, a base needs to know what a flyer is going to experience and a flyer needs to know what a base is going to experience. It is definitely important to be BALANCED!

I am so excited about this new form of yoga that I am going to go on a yoga treat to Costa Rica! It will be a combination of balances, yoga, acro yoga, and thai massage! I am going to be going with another girl from the gym named Kimiko. November can not get here soon enough!

Here are some pictures:

Partner Yoga 1

Handstand Nation 2

Partner Yoga 2