Fight For Air Climb 2014

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This year for the Fight for Air Climb I raised $350!! More than my goal of $250! So happy that I was able to raise more than I did last year. Every little bit counts in the fight against cancer. (Read why I climb here.) Once again it took me 10 minutes to complete the climb.

Here are some pictures:

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Of course Kimiko and I had to try some Acro Yoga!

20140308_113624(0) 20140308_113435

And some handstands of course!


That view!


Fight For Air Climb…it’s BACK!

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Once again…it is that time of year. It is time to climb some stairs! The Fight For Air Climb will be on April 12, 2014. Another grueling couple of weeks of training.

Once again this is something close to me since my Grandmother (my Bachan) passed away from lung cancer and my family smokes. I have told my story here. This year, my cousin Tamiya has said she was going to do the climb. She even joined the Fitness Rehab team! It should be exciting and fun.

I set a fundraising goal of $250 this year. I have blessed by family and friends to have made this goal! But I would like to raise more money if possible of course. And if you are interested in helping to support the fight against lung cancer please visit my donor page here.

Help support me in the Fight For Air Climb!

The Fight for Air Climb was awesome!

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Yesterday was the Fight for Air Climb. Fitness Rehab was the biggest team with 39 people! It was a great event and I want to do it again next year. I completed the 34 flights (612 steps) in 10 minutes! Which surprised me since my goal was to do it in 15 minutes.

I am proud to have done this event in honor of my Bachan. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Our team shot (not everyone is in it):


Me at the top! (I used this pic for my thank you cards to send the people who donated money for the stair climb.)


And the view from the top was spectacular! Too bad it was cloudy. ­čÖü


Fight For Air is Finally Here!

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Tomorrow I am excited to put the 6 weeks of training to the test. The Fight for Air Climb is FINALLY here! Tomorrow I will climb the 612 steps to the top of the Wells Fargo Building helping to raise money for the American Lung Cancer Society. I am so excited and our team has 36 members!

Please show your support by either registering for the climb or donating.

The first post when I decided to start this journey.

Fight for Air!

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On October 29, 2003 I lost my Bachan (Grandma) to lung cancer. She fought a long battle beating it into remission the first time but, when it came back the second time the cancer had also began to spread to her bones. It was painful to watch someone you love so much go through such pain. I still miss her everyday.

In her honor I am going to do the Fight for Air Climb on April 6, 2013 here in Sacramento. You climb the tallest building in the city…34 flights of stairs! I never knew of this event until I started working out with Sandra again.┬áImmediately┬áI knew I wanted to participate and signed up and joined the Fitness Rehab Team!

Sandra also started a training program to help us all get ready for the climb. And for once…I am excited about training. I am looking forward to this event (which is even hard for me to believe) regardless of all the stairs because this is a cause that I am passionate about.

In addition, I come from a family of smokers. People are always amazed that I never picked up the habit since my Mom, Dad, and Brother smoke. Along with my aunts, cousins, and Jichan (Grandpa). I hope in participating in this event that one day there will be a cure for lung cancer. And there will be research done to make quitting smoking easier. I know people always say there is a CHOICE to smoking, but I hope they find a way to make quitting easier. Especially after seeing my brother and my cousin try many different methods (gum, patch, hypnotherapy, cold turkey, e-cigs) all to go back to smoking again.

If you want to help please join the Fight for Air Climb or you can donate to help me reach my fundraising goal.

My Bachan:


Bachan and I on a trip:


Jichan and Bachan with the grandkids: