Marble Jar!

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So I have not posted about the marble jar in a while…so I thought I should. I have moved over 22 marbles! ­čÖé ┬áThe best part is, with the way the calculations are done, I have moved an equal amount of fat and body weight marbles! Totally excited! Even the boyfriend has moved over some marbles and he is at 8!

Now I just need to keep up the momentum!


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Strength Training

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Today when I was perusing the internet I saw this image:


So true.

I know cardio is important (believe me I surprise myself with how far I can run now) but so is strength training. One thing I noticed since going back to working out with Sandra is how much stronger I am. My muscles are firm.

I never really thought about this until I was on vacation with my family recently and they would like to poke fun at me and make my arms jiggle. When my arms did not jiggle as much, they stopped and were impressed. They were able to see the progress and how my body is changing. Slowly, but surely, it is changing. I don’t see this since I see my body everyday. It took an incident like this to show me that yes I am getting stronger. Yes I am taking the right steps to getting fit. YES – STAY MOTIVATED.

I knew when I first started working out again that it was not going to be easy. I was going to struggle, I will lose my motivation at times, but I knew I just could not give up. I always struggled with having big arms and broad shoulders (and non-twiggy legs)…thanks to years of gymnastics. In addition to gaining weight (lots of fat) I looked puffy. ­čÖü One thing I CONSTANTLY have to remind myself – muscle weighs more than fat. Even though on the scale I am not losing pounds, I see the change in my body fat percentage and muscle mass percentage. Fat is FINALLY going down and muscle is SLOWLY starting to increase. Just as my marbles show! (I have 21 in the jar now!)

It seems the insane combo of the cardio and strength training…it works. LOL! Now I need to work on my love of food…

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My abs hurt.

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Yesterday was an…interesting day at the gym. Because Sandra had sore abs she felt that we needed them also! LOL! My abs hurt. Not as much as they are probably going to hurt tomorrow, but they hurt. Really we had a quick WOD (workout of the day) and then did Turkish Get-Ups for our skill work for the day. What have I learned? Turkish people don’t know how to get up. It really should not be that hard. What else I learned…I can do it with a 36 pound kettleball and a 25 pound bar. And the bar was HARD! I never did them with the bar before so I was proud of myself. Here was our WOD:


Then I did yoga…that focus was on the butt…so not only do my abs hurt…but my butt hurts also. ­čÖü

My food for the day was good…so I am proud of myself for eating well:


Of course no one said it was going to be easy. All I can do is keep going…and hope that I can keep moving marbles!

even if your going slow your lapping everyone on the couch

The Rower

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Whew! What a week! Proud to say…I made it to the gym 4 days so far and we had an awesome time with the rower! I say that because even though I am not as tall as the average rower (5’2″ I measured myself the other day) I have been able to improve my rowing abilities. More meters per stroke. I have to say…rowing is an art and an excellent workout…and I still need lots of practice!

On a fun note…me and some of my girlfriends started a team for the Electric Run! We are SO excited! I am excited because I have a group of friends that was willing to do a 5K with me! YAY! But for me that means more spin classes and running! (And maybe I can get some more time on the rower!) I must get my stamina up. I am happy to say that I can run a lot longer than I could 3 months ago. One step closer to being able to do another half marathon next year. ­čÖé

Today was also marble day…I now have 20 marbles in my jar! 80 to go! I just got to keep on going!

On a random note…I really enjoy this song! ­čśÇ


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Choices. So it has been almost a week since my last blog post…so sorry! I have also been TERRIBLE at tracking my food! ­čÖü But once again…it is a new week and great opportunity to try and start over…AGAIN! It may seem lame of me to┬áre-start over…and we are not even through the month of January…but sometimes…life takes over. It happens. I made the choice to read a book or watch a TV show instead of blog. Sometimes…I just need that. Choices.

I can tell you…I worked out…4 days last week and it was hard. I am not going to lie. Keeping myself motivated when all I want is a nap. But I have goals! I have things I want to accomplish! Right? RIGHT! That is what I have to keep telling myself. I made the choice to work out. I made the choice to make the most out of my hour work outs because that was all I had time for. Could my food choices been better? Possibly…overall I ate well. Lots of spinach salad with red onion (had a craving) and one of my favorite┬árecipes…balsamic┬ámarinated steak…enough for me to have lunch for work all week.

So now I have made the choice that I am going to make more of an effort to be making more utilization of this blog…and I don’t have to make it ONLY about health and fitness…

On the plus side? I moved marbles! YIPEE! I have a total of 16 now! And my boyfriend even moved some over into his jar! He no longer OWES the jar a marble he moved 4 over!


Today I tried the Blogilates workout DVD! (Thank you Nani!) If you have not heard of Blogilates check it out! Cassey Ho is so fun and┬áenergetic!┬áShe is not for everyone…but I love her YouTube channel and now this hour long workout DVD!

I plan on working out again tomorrow. I will do a better job of tracking my food…so until then…

Whew…where did the weekend go?

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So it is Sunday fast approaching midnight…where did the weekend go?! Lucky for me I was able to get a at home yoga workout in Saturday and get up early enough to go to a spin class on Sunday! ­čÖé And for eating at odd hours I was able to keep under my calorie daily limit!

Another fun thing…Saturday I moved another marble over! 14 now! VERRRRRY excited! I think that Tuesday will be the official date for moving marbles.

Saturday food log:



Sunday food:


Marble Jar Project

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So I was inspired by Trish to do a marble jar. But instead of tracking my weight I will be moving marbles based on a scale of my weight AND body fat. Hopefully the sight of my marbles in the kitchen next to the refridgerator will continue to motivate me. (A reminder to NOT STUFF my face!!!) I have 100 to move total…once I move all 100 I will be in the “healthy” range for my height and age! ­čÖé The best part? My boyfriend decided that he would be doing this with me! The bummer for him…I got to move 13 marbles over and he still owes the jar one marble! :X

Here are our jars: