30 Day Burpee Challenge

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My gym buddy Mike asked me to do the 30 day burpee challenge with him.

1. I hate burpees.

2. I REALLY hate burpees.

Yet, I still agreed to do it! LOL! So he said his friends on Facebook were going to do it, but they were modifying the numbers to start with. So, we started on 50. 50 burpees. I thought I was going to die. I told him his friends were freaking nuts! That was Monday.

Tuesday, we add 5 more…55 burpees. Wednesday 5 more…60 burpees. (Did I mention Wednesday’s WOD included 100 burpees/kettle bell swings, with a sled push and tire flip, 5 times? Wednesday was more than 60 freaking burpees!) And yesterday 5 more…65 burpees. Today – rest day! HOORAY! Tomorrow we add 5 more for 70 burpees.

This challenge makes for a great warm up. And yesterday I was able to get to the 25 – 30 mark before feeling like I was going to collapse! (There must be a method to this madness…I might even get to gain some stamina doing this stuff!)

So I told Mike, you know what your friends might be crazy BUT hopefully I won’t hate burpees as much by the end of these 30 days! (Who am I kidding…I will probably still hate them!) And that is when he told me, his friends said 50 was too much and they dropped it to 25! But it doesn’t matter because we were going to keep trucking along…LOL! Here I thought we were going to drop the amounts…WRONG. But I did learn, I can do it. I push myself and get over the mental block that I have, I can complete burpees. I may not be the fastest, and they may not look very pretty, but I am getting it done!

Here is the chart of the burpee challenge that was modified:


Here is to hoping I survive tomorrow!