California International Marathon Relay

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My friend Trystan from the gym has never run a race longer than a 5k. One of her goals is to do a half marathon. But before she did that she wanted to see how she would do in a race that was longer than 3 miles. So she asked if I would do the CIM relay with her and I said absolutely! So instead of each of us running a half marathon we asked Mike and Kimiko if they would run. So then her leg was about 6 miles. Overall we had a great time. We each ran and Trystan feels more confident about a half marathon that she wants to sign up for the local Shamrock’n Half Marathon!

I told Trystan this is why I run:


Shamrock Half Marathon

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So Sam challenged my cousin Tamiya to a race on who would be faster. Luckily for Sam my cousin Tamiya decided running for medals is not as fun as running for Tiffany necklaces so she ended up not running. So Sam and I both ended up doing the race together. But in different heats.

Well, Sam is not the same runner he was before and we ended up having the same 3 hour finish time! 🙂

The main challenge for this race was that it was HOT. I mean we were going from some nice 60 degree temps the day before to 80 degrees the day of the race! ROUGH! I don’t think a lot of people had a good race. But that is okay for me because I finished in the same time as Sam! 🙂

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

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Last weekend I found out at the VERY last minute that I was going to be running in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco! The race was on a Sunday and I found out on Saturday at 2 PM that I was going to be doing the race. I guess my cousin’s teammate was not going to be able to make it so she asked me!

Of course this is a hard race to qualify for and I was SO excited to be able to do it. And then I remembered…uhm you have not been training for this! But I went, and I did it. And I am SO proud of myself for doing it! There were about 40,000 people there!! Here is a picture at the starting line:


Now, in an earlier post I listed running another half marathon in my goal list. And this race made me realize that I CAN do a half marathon. I was able to run the majority of the race. My plan was to walk up and down all the hills (have to save the knees), walk through all water stations, and run the rest (or at least attempt to). And I have to say that this was a successful plan. Granted it was in San Francisco and there were LOTS of hills…I particularly remember a hill that was straight up for a mile and half! OUCH!

Overall I was able to finish and I was able to complete it slightly faster than my very first marathon. I finished in 3 hours and 1 minute! So close to meeting my under 3 hour goal. The best part? Finishing of course! I always have a sense of greater satisfaction when I complete a race since running has always been something that has been hard for me.

And can you believe in that HUGE crowd of people I saw Kimiko at mile 3! And she and I ran the race together after that. Here we are at the finish line:


But most people don’t ask me about the race or how I did they want to see the goods! Everyone wants to see the Tiffany necklace! Well here it is:


This was the 10th Anniversary, so that is why there is an “X” and why it is in the shape of a triangle.

This race made me think about doing another half marathon. And the best part? My boyfriend said that he was going to do one with me! We are planning on doing the Shamrock’n Half Marathon in March. My goal is to finally finish in under 3 hours!

Then, this really got me motivated. I want to do the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC in April and then do the Nike Women’s Marathon in October in San Francisco! (Seriously I think I am losing my mind.) Granted that is if I can get into the races. I definitely think that they are good goals! 🙂

Finding inspiration…

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Sometimes I get really discouraged. Discouraged that I have not yet achieved a goal or been able to hit the weight loss goals I want to achieve.

This week for example, we had the WOD where one of the exercises was 150 wall balls and I was hoping for 100. I was dreading this WOD so much that I almost thought about not going to go to the gym that day. And even when I got to the gym I was ALREADY over it. I waited until the absolute last possible time to do it. But I can say I was totally inspired watching everyone go before me. They did not want to do this WOD anymore than I wanted to. But yet here we were, all with the same goal, and getting it done.

Negative thinking* can beat you before you even begin.

How very true it is. I already let myself “lose” before I even started with my negative attitude. Just like I have said before everyone at the gym is really encouraging. Having that type of encouragement has really helped me along the way. When I told Tiffany that I did not want to do the WOD that day she said, “No way! This is what we do…we do the WOD on Thursday together!” It may not have meant much to her at the time, but for me it really made me feel that sense of belonging and reminded me why I started coming back and working out with Sandra.

The environment at Fitness Rehab is incredibly positive. Everyone is there to help you push through those hard times. We all celebrate one another’s accomplishments and help each other out when we start to feel down. My new friends that I have made at Fitness Rehab inspire me to keep going. They help remind me of my progress when I can’t see it myself. My motivation gets a jump start.

My friend John sent me this:


This is true. This has to be my new mindset. I am working to better myself, be a healthier and fitter me. Every workout (if I like it or not) will help me get there. I have to remember that “can’t” won’t help me get to my goals.

*This was an article that I read after WOD 13.3 that also helped me realize how important it is to have a new mindset.

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13.3 is DONE!

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Whew! That was SOME workout! I was dreading this WOD before I even got to the gym…I even thought about not going to the gym…but then I would still have to do it anyway later.

So I did it. I did 113 wall balls! MORE than the 100 I set as my goal. And I surprised myself that I was able to do it…and it felt like the longest 12 minutes of my life. But when it was over I really felt…awesome! I completed something that I NEVER thought I would be able to do.

It truly helps (like I have said many times before) to be working out in an environment where everyone is so POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING! How could you NOT want to push yourself a little bit harder?

Here is our 13.3 picture:


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