Organizing my workout clothes

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Well, what better way to start the new year than to organize? I have been meaning to organize my workout clothes for a while now. I mean I was getting so lazy that they would just be all over the closet and not in the drawers that they were meant for! So I turned to Google to look for ideas and tips and came across this blog.

Granted my fitness apparel did not get it’s own dresser, but I did have something designated…a plastic 3 drawer “dresser”! I have had it for years so I may as well just put it to good use. I am sure I picked it up at Target on sale.

This is where I started from, don’t judge me.


Well, I started with something easy – my workout bottoms. I organized them by capris (Lululemon) in the front left to long legged workout pants. On the right side are more capris (Fabletics & Lucy) in the front and then shorts in the back.


The middle drawer is where I decided I was going to put all my tank tops. The left side are my solid tanks (or most of them anyway) and then the right side are my tanks that have some kind of print.


The top drawer I used for my short and long sleeve shirts. The left side are mostly plain shirts. The left side starts with long sleeve shirts in the front and then behind are mostly shirts that I have gotten from competitions and races.


I have to say, seeing everything folded up like this is so nice! I can see my clothes and not have to wonder what is underneath! Even though I only see a bit of the tank and shirt design I still know what it says so it makes picking the right tank or top for my mood easy! PLUS it forces me to keep my clothes organized and off the closet floor. Just because they are workout clothes it does not mean that they don’t need to be organized. PLUS I got to go through a bunch of my clothes and donate what I no longer wear.