Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014

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So this year I was lucky enough to get to do the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. Last year it was last minute, this year I got in using the second chance entry by logging my running on an app.

Let’s face it, I am not a very good runner. It is hard for me and I struggle every time. So why do I do it? It is a good challenge and I feel accomplished when I am done. Plus, the Tiffany’s box at the end of the race makes the pain a little more bearable. 😉

I was lucky enough to get to stay with my friend Amber so I saved some cost on a hotel room. She was even brave enough to go with me to Union Square so I can see my name on the Nike window and write my name on the “Make Your Mark” board.

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This year there were 40,000 people. So. Many. People.


The bummer of course…I had a cold AGAIN this year! Sigh…colds just make everything hard…especially breathing. BUT, I finished! That is all that matters.


Here is hoping to hoping that I get in to race next year! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

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Last weekend I found out at the VERY last minute that I was going to be running in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco! The race was on a Sunday and I found out on Saturday at 2 PM that I was going to be doing the race. I guess my cousin’s teammate was not going to be able to make it so she asked me!

Of course this is a hard race to qualify for and I was SO excited to be able to do it. And then I remembered…uhm you have not been training for this! But I went, and I did it. And I am SO proud of myself for doing it! There were about 40,000 people there!! Here is a picture at the starting line:


Now, in an earlier post I listed running another half marathon in my goal list. And this race made me realize that I CAN do a half marathon. I was able to run the majority of the race. My plan was to walk up and down all the hills (have to save the knees), walk through all water stations, and run the rest (or at least attempt to). And I have to say that this was a successful plan. Granted it was in San Francisco and there were LOTS of hills…I particularly remember a hill that was straight up for a mile and half! OUCH!

Overall I was able to finish and I was able to complete it slightly faster than my very first marathon. I finished in 3 hours and 1 minute! So close to meeting my under 3 hour goal. The best part? Finishing of course! I always have a sense of greater satisfaction when I complete a race since running has always been something that has been hard for me.

And can you believe in that HUGE crowd of people I saw Kimiko at mile 3! And she and I ran the race together after that. Here we are at the finish line:


But most people don’t ask me about the race or how I did they want to see the goods! Everyone wants to see the Tiffany necklace! Well here it is:


This was the 10th Anniversary, so that is why there is an “X” and why it is in the shape of a triangle.

This race made me think about doing another half marathon. And the best part? My boyfriend said that he was going to do one with me! We are planning on doing the Shamrock’n Half Marathon in March. My goal is to finally finish in under 3 hours!

Then, this really got me motivated. I want to do the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC in April and then do the Nike Women’s Marathon in October in San Francisco! (Seriously I think I am losing my mind.) Granted that is if I can get into the races. I definitely think that they are good goals! 🙂